About Us

At PlanSimple Financial Partners, we tailor our services to your specific needs, whether you are seeking wealth building, family protection, or asset preservation. We’re also dedicated to assisting businesses with employee benefit plans to help ensure retention and retirement readiness.

Our Primary Purpose

Fixing Broken Portfolios and Retirement Plans

At PlanSimple, our primary purpose is to assist individuals who are five years or less away from retirement in repairing their portfolios and retirement plans. Unlike simply fixing a couple of accounts, our approach is rooted in comprehensive financial planning. We understand that every financial decision has far-reaching effects on our lives. That’s why we specialize in guiding clients through the intricate intersection of life and money.

Helping You Successfully Navigate Retirement

PlanSimple has a longstanding history of assisting individuals within ten years of retirement. Our clients seek the most suitable financial roadmap that will guide them through the next 20-30 years of their lives. Our expertise is particularly valuable to those who have questions such as, “How can we ensure our money lasts throughout retirement?” or “What’s the most effective way to manage taxes during retirement?” Even if you have already entered retirement, it’s never too late to assess your trajectory and adjust your current plan.

As fiduciaries, we prioritize constructing retirement plans with the highest probability of success for our clients. Our initial year of client engagement typically consists of five meetings, conducted face-to-face, virtually, or over the phone.

Jon Milliken, Financial Advisor

Jon Milliken

Founder | Financial Advisor | Problem Solver

Have you ever met someone who loved reading the Wall Street Journal as a kid? Well, now you have. At a young age, I always had a job and was determined to have cash on hand in case I needed it. As an adult, I watched my mother, a very successful business owner, struggle financially for the last decade of her life because she didn’t have someone like me to help her save and establish her goals.

Based in New Orleans, LA, I am dedicated to providing a comprehensive and approachable planning process to clients. With a background in Business Administration and multiple professional designations, including Certified Exit Planning Advisor and Life Underwriting Training Council Fellow, I bring a wealth of knowledge to help you navigate your financial future. I strive to educate individuals in a straightforward manner, empowering them to understand personal finance and achieve their financial goals.

When I’m not at the office, you can find me coaching my son’s travel baseball team and cooking for family and friends. I also enjoy spending time in the community; I’ve held leadership positions in the New Orleans chapter of NAIFA and have been involved in events benefitting St. Louis King of France.